World Tourism Day 2011

27 September 2011

With 940 million tourists crossing international borders in 2010, never have the world’s peoples and cultures been drawn together as now. Through tourism, millions of people are brought closer every day.
World Tourism Day (WTD) 2011 is taking place under the theme Tourism – linking cultures and is a celebration of tourism’s role in breaking down barriers across cultures and fostering tolerance, respect and mutual understanding. In our often divided world, these values represent the stepping stones towards a more peaceful future.










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   The Lahore FortPakistan emerged on the map of the world as an independent sovereign state in August 1947, as a result of the division of the British Indian Empire. Half a dozen civilizations have flourished here and left their imprint thus carving it into a land, which is rich in landscapes and cultural traditions.  


Hunza Valley
   Hunza ValleyHunza is one of the most exotic places in Pakistan. Several high peaks rise above 6,000 m in the surroundings of Hunza valley. The valley provides spectacular views of some of the most beautiful and magnificent mountains of the world




Moenjodaro- A World Heritage Site


Hunza Valley    On the west bank of the Indus, 350 miles from Karachi lies Moenjodaro (Mound of the Dead), an archaeological site which has been rated amongst the most spectacular of the world's ancient cities.